Just a girl, 21, lover of adventure and the outdoors, but my greatest love of all is God.

I believe our only job in this short life is to love unconditionally and without judgement.

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texted the boyfriend that I was taking him out to chipotle last night and this is what he sends me.

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“The secret is Christ in me, not me in a different set of circumstances.”

– Elisabeth Elliot

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“Every story of conversion is the story of a blessed defeat.”

– C.S. Lewis 

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When I began to know the Lord as the true love of my life I realized that if He ever chose to bless me with a partner in this life I would just know when it was right.

And here he is….

I just knew this man is what the Lord had been preparing me to recognize all this time.

Seeing how incredibly the Lord works in your heart and life after you abandon everything to Him is just something that is indescribable.

You can watch all the videos, listen to all the sermons, and even read all the articles about how amazing it is to allow the Lord to take hold of your life and the relationships with in it.

But to watch it unfold before your very eyes.

Is an entirely new and magnificent blessing to witness.

“You’re not what you do, you don’t belong to yourself. You’re what Jesus has done, you belong to Him.”

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